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Pinchazo Uno

Pinchazo Uno

Pinchazo 1, was the first event in a series of free installations hosted by Pablo Javier Castillo Huerta. This project was inspired by roadside tire repair shops that were observed and admired while travelling across Mesoamerica by land. The term ‘pinchazo’ is slang unique to Guatemala; whereas in México, they are referred to as ‘Vulcanizadoras’. The use of brightly coloured recycled tires as signage was one of the main sources of inspiration for many of the sculptural elements in Pinchazo 1. This installation was intended to serve as a rest stop for community members passing through and explores notions of: reconnection, ancestry, relations, preservation & protection, movement & migration, deconstruction & repair, play & work, exchange and lastly, but most importantly, nature. There is an eternal bond between the two places that Castillo Huerta calls home and physically making that connection was crucial for the artist - from the heart of the turtle (Treaty One Territory) right down to the tail (Mesoamerica). Being able to safely traverse Turtle Island, so as to reconnect with ancestral lands and cultural practices, travel ancient trade routes and visit with friends and relatives was truly a blessing and a privilege that greatly influenced this body of work. Pinchazo 1 features performance elements, musical components and relational aesthetics theory. It is quite common for impromptu dance parties to pop up in the streets of Latin America, anywhere and at any time - It is in this tradition that Pinchazo 1 facilitates DJ performances, dancing, conversations and the exchanging of ceremonial Cacao. The backdrop for this event was a cold Exchange District back alley in downtown Winnipeg during a chilly November evening. The artist made and served a hot chocolate style drink made from 100% ceremonial grade Cacao that they brought back from Tuq’tuquilal, Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Guests were invited to warm up by trying the hot Cacao drink and/or dancing while they engaged with the installation and interacted with fellow community members.
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